HÜRLIMANN 478/ 1000.4W Starter Motor 1986-2001

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This is a brand new unit that comes with a 1 year guarantee and fits any of the vehicle models listed under application details in the table below.

If you have any questions about this unit, including any questions concerning whether it will fit your vehicle, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable technical team. You can simply email us the vehicle's registration at info@directautoelectrical.co.uk, Call us on 0161 873 8300 from 9am till 5.30pm Monday to Friday or check that the number of your old unit matches one number from the cross reference numbers listed in the table below.

If you require a particular unit and can't see it listed, please email or contact us with the details of the particular unit that you are looking for. We have thousands of alternators and starter motors in stock, So we may be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for; And we also offer a rebuild service for hard to source units.

Email us at any time at info@directautoelectrical.co.uk or
call us on 0161 873 8300 9am till 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Application Details CROSS - REFERENCES
HÜRLIMANN 468/ 1000.4W 1986-2001 12V3.0Kw
HÜRLIMANN 478/ 1000.4W 1986-2001 12V3.0Kw
HÜRLIMANN 488/ 1000.4W 1986-2001 12V3.0Kw
LAMBORGHINI TRACTOR R1106/ 916.6W 1985-1991 12V3.0Kw
LAMBORGHINI TRACTOR R1306/ 916.6WT 1985-1991 12V3.0Kw
LAMBORGHINI TRACTOR R1506/ 107KW 1985-1992 12V3.0Kw
LAMBORGHINI TRACTOR R1706/ 121KW 1988-1991 12V3.0Kw
SAME Antares 110/ 1000.6A 1989-1994 12V3.0Kw
SAME Antares 130/ 1000.6AT 1989-1994 12V3.0Kw
SAME Antares 150/ 107KW 1989-1994 12V3.0Kw
SAME Dorado 70/ 1000.4A 1996-1998 12V3.0Kw
SAME Explorer II 70/ 51KW -On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Explorer II 80/ 59KW -On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Explorer II 90/ -On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Galaxy 170/ 105.6 PTI 1983-1991 12V3.0Kw
SAME Laser 110/ 100.6P -On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Laser 130/ 105.6P -On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Laser 150/ 105.6PS -On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Silver 100.4/ 1000.4ATL 1995-1998 12V3.0Kw
SAME Silver 100.6/ 1000.6AI 1995-On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Silver 80/ 1000.4A4 1995-On 12V3.0Kw
SAME Silver 90/ 1000.4AT 1995-On 12V3.0Kw
STEYR TRACTOR 8130/ WD611 1984-On 12V3.0Kw
Bosch 0001230012
Bosch 0001367005
Bosch 0986024080
Delco DRS3326
El Stock 250275
El Stock 25-0275
Fiat MT68R
Fiat MT68RA
Hc CS718
Hella 8EA731762001
Hella 8EA731762-001
Letrika AZF4220
Letrika AZJ3320
Letrika AZJ3557
Lucas LRS01053
Lucas LRS1053
Same 29619390
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