VAUXHALL Calibra 2.5i V6 24V C25XE, X25XE Alternator 1996-1997

VAUXHALL Calibra 2.5i V6 24V C25XE, X25XE Alternator 1996-1997

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This is a brand new alternator that comes with a 1 year guarantee and fits any of the vehicle models listed below.

If you have any questions about this alternator, including any questions concerning whether it will fit your vehicle, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable technical team. You can simply email us the vehicle's registration or check that the number of your old unit matches one number from the OE numbers listed below.

If you require a particular alternator and can't see it listed, please email us the details of the particular alternator that you are looking for. We have thousands of alternator and starter motor units in stock, so we may be able to provide you with exactly what you are looking for; email us at any time at

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Manchester Auto Electrical is one of the UK's leading suppliers of car parts including alternators and starter motors, sells to the trade and public at competitive prices, offers a price match guarantee. We are a family-run business that was established in 1978 and take pride in our excellent sales, customer service and aftercare.

Application Details CROSS - REFERENCES
OPEL Calibra A 2.5i V6 1993-1997 12V90A
OPEL Calibra A 2.5i V6 C25XE, X25XE 1996-1997 12V90A
OPEL Omega B 2.5i V6 X25XE 1994-2000 12V90A
OPEL Omega B 2.5i V6 X25XE 1996-2000 12V90A
OPEL Omega B 2.6i Y26SE 2000-2003 12V90A
OPEL Omega B 3.0i V6 AC X30XE 1996-2001 12V90A
OPEL Omega B 3.0i V6 X30XE 1994-1999 12V90A
OPEL Omega B 3.2i Y32SE 2000-2003 12V90A
OPEL Vectra A 2.5 V6 C25XE 1993-1995 12V90A
SAAB 9000 2.0 Turbo 16V B204E 1994-1998 12V90A
SAAB 900i 2.5 V6 B258I 1993-1996 12V90A
VAUXHALL Calibra 2.5i V6 24V 1993-1997 12V90A
VAUXHALL Calibra 2.5i V6 24V C25XE, X25XE 1996-1997 12V90A
VAUXHALL Cavalier III 2.5i V6 1993-1995 12V90A
VAUXHALL Cavalier III 2.5i V6 C25XE 1993-1995 12V90A
VAUXHALL Omega 2.5i V6 1994-1999 12V90A
VAUXHALL Omega 3.0i V6 Elite 1994-1999 12V90A
VAUXHALL Omega B 2.5i V6 X25XE 1996-2004 12V90A
VAUXHALL Omega B 2.6i V6 Y26SE 2000-2004 12V90A
VAUXHALL Omega B 3.0i V6 X30XE 1996-2001 12V90A
VAUXHALL Omega B 3.2i V6 Y32SE 2000-2004 12V90A
VAUXHALL Vectra B 2.5i V6 1995-2000 12V90A
Andre Niermann 02500007
Bosch 0123505003
Bosch 0123505004
Bosch 0123510062
Bosch 0124515049
Bosch B120510213
Bosch B120510214
Bosch 0124515005
Bosch 0124515080
Bosch 0986044030
Bosch Exchange 0986039250
Delco DRA3703
Delco DRA3704
Delco DRA4127
Delco DRA9250
Delco DRB4030
Delco Remy 10479455
Delco Remy Eur. 10479955
Delco Remy Eur. 3493914
Delco Remy Eur. 3493955
Delco Remy Usa 10479914
El stock 281913
El stock 281974
El stock 282923
Elstock 28-1913
Elstock 28-1974
Elstock 28-2923
Elstock 28-3936
Friesen 9039250
Friesen 9090078
Friesen 9044030
Hc CA1051IR
Hc CA1070IR
Hc CA1103IR
Hc CA1577IR
Hella 8EL737001-001
Hella 8EL737019-001
Hella 8EL737051-001
Hella 8EL738116-001
Hella 8EL737849-001
Hella 8EL737001001
Hella 8EL737019001
Hella 8EL737051001
Hella 8EL738116001
Lucas LRA02121
Lucas LRA2121
Lucas LRB00255
Lucas LRB00319
Lucas LRB00320
Lucas LRB255
Lucas LRB319
Lucas LRB320
Lucas LRA02025
Lucas LRA2025
Opel 24429105
Opel 90561169
Opel 93175813
Opel/Vauxhall 24414255
Opel/Vauxhall 6204005
Opel/Vauxhall 6204006
Opel/Vauxhall 6204009
Opel/Vauxhall 6204062
Opel/Vauxhall 90413762
Opel/Vauxhall 90413763
Opel/Vauxhall 90444194
Opel/Vauxhall 90542980
Opel/Vauxhall 9200955
Opel/Vauxhall 9117937
Prestolite 20100255
Prestolite 20100320
Prestolite 20110255
Prestolite 20110320
Valeo 436719
Valeo 436720
Valeo VA508
Valeo 437546
Valeo Exchange 436719
Valeo Exchange 436720
Valeo Exchange 437181